It’s Been a Long Time

Wow, what a weird and strange ride it’s been since our last post (3 years ago?)

Anywho- rather than reflecting on the past, I’m going to try and pick up on some eclectic musical ponderings. Right now I’m just going to spit out a few personal musings and try to establish some structure and regularity within the next few days.


A coworker and I have been tasked with listening to the Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Albums. Progress is slow, currently sitting at #484 (Matt the Hoople’s ‘All the Young Dudes’. Listed below are some albums that previously and continue to hold my endorsement, as well as new discoveries.

  • Impressionable First Time Listens
    • B.B. King‘s ‘Live in Cook County Jail’
    • Wilco‘s ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    • Albert King‘s ‘Born Under a Bad Sign
    • ZZ Top‘s ‘Tres Hombres
    • Earth, Wind, and Fire‘s ‘That’s the Way of the World’
  •  Radical to Re-Listen
    • The White Stripe‘s ‘White Blood Cells’
    • Pearl Jam‘s ‘Vitalogy’

Welcoming any and all judgement, Rolling Stone’s Top 500 further proves (as I suspected) that I am still quite naive in music appreciation. I’m hoping that this exaggerated listening exercise allows for me to enjoy and admire genres that I either shunned or overlooked in the past: 80’s and 90’s Pop, Country, Jazz, Blues, and Classical.

On the other hand, the past few months have treated me well with live performances of the following: RancidDescendentsFlogging MollyThe White BuffaloSocial Distortion, and Metallica. As far as my favorite show, the Descendents’ performance a the The Fillmore (Denver) was heavy, disruptive, and forceful. Never taking more than 30 seconds between song, the crowd was continually blasted with 80’s punk hymn’s to which we joyously slammed our bodies to. I will momentarily brag that I was the first person to crowd-surf during their set.

Descendents at The Fillmore (Denver)

Happy to say that I’m heading to Chicago for Riotfest in September, where I’ll nosedive into 25+ (hopefully) live performances from a plethora of Hip-Hop, Electronic, Punk, and Alternative Rock artists, ranging from Danzig to Wu-Tang Clan. Sincerely looking forward to being in Chicago with friends from the East and West coasts.

Leaving off with a quickie, I’ve really enjoyed Clam Casino’s ‘Instrumental Mixtape 4’ – 


The release by Clammy Clams offers a subterranean and reclusive feeling while you’re engulfed by the droning, yet seamlessly transitioning, beats and rhythm producing by the Rutgers alumni. A good escape during the work-day, Clams once again gives us track after track of wet and blissful noise.

Looking forward to re-connecting with the music blogging world again. Peace, love, and dick jokes.



So I know I’ve been sucking with the whole posting game this week and I really have no excuse for it….but I’m about to make up for it with a whole 10 song Halloween Playlist that’s sure to get you raging!!!

Ghosts N’ Stuff Hard Intro – deadmau5

First up I obviously couldn’t start this off any other way than with my dude right here, and one of my favorite songs of all time.  And in this Hard Intro edit you’ll see just why it’s relevant.  Starting off with a ghoulish melody that you’ve surely heard before, you almost think it’s the wrong song.  But then in the blink of an eye the piano used for the ghoulish melody all of a sudden turns straight into the ever-familiar chords of Ghosts N’ Stuff….and then the bass hits.  Definitely the perfect intro to any Halloween Playlist.


Witchcraft – Pendulum

Next is another one of my personal favorites from Pendulum, with Witchcraft (I was happy the name was relevant enough to include here).  The start off seems sort of off putting and slow, like you’d expect more from the drum and bass band.  But then just at the 0:46 mark, this mother fucker explodes.  It’s like going from turtle to rabbit on the Hot Wheels Jeep you had when you were 5 years old, there’s just no other feeling like it.  I’d be lying if I said I never air-drummed to thi song in public like an idiot.


Power Glove – Knife Party

Again another one of my favorites (you’re seeing a trend here I know) and this one comes from Knife Party (aka Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen after Pendulum broke up).  The only memory I have of this song was from when I first heard it at Ultra…yeah here’s the video of that right here.

Now for the actual song, when it starts that chorus in the intro is simply haunting, like I could totally see Frankenstein being resurrected to this song if that ever were to become a thing.  And once that beat drops, I pretty much just start going fucking nuts (and by nuts I mean a vicious combination of chugging/fighting/screaming/and the like).


Stress – Justice

Not many people may be familiar with this song, but for me it’s one of my longtime favorites from Justice.  You may know them from the song D.A.N.C.E. or maybe even their critically acclaimed song Genesis.  This French duo used to kill it back in the day, hope to see more of them in the future but time will tell I guess.  Anyway this song, if I were to describe a relevant scenario, is like being in a chase scene….and you’re being chased by a swarm of Vultures….then all of a sudden you find yourself running through an army base on lockdown…and then the VULTURES COME BACK!!…..and then in the end you die….and they play that creepy organ crap at your funeral.  Great song, great song.

Robot Rock vs We Will Rock You – Daft Punk/Queen

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Coming off the soundtrack of the original DJ Hero (yes that was a game) this Daft Punk vs Queen mashup is simply perfect.  Whenever it comes on it always gets my blood pumping, in fact I’m usually disappointed when it’s the original Queen or Daft Punk song rather than this.  I’m guessing the original thought behind this was “hey they both have the word rock in it so this should work great” and usually in practice that’s terrible….except in this one rare ass case.  Anyway, check this shit out if you’ve never heard it and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Freaks Have More Fun – Dada Life

This one is actually a brand new release (or not actually officially released yet) song from some of the kings when it comes to going bananas (let’ be honest, they’re a close second to the bananas in pajamas).  Freaks Have More Fun is simply a ground thumper if I were ever to describe one.  The lyrics are simple, repetitive, and addictive.  They’re also perfect to embody the Halloween spirit at it’s best!! And then when that beat drops, you can guarantee the freaks out there will be having a ballin’ ass time.


Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex

The name of this song should be reason enough to include it on this list.  And also the fact that if I were to leave Skrillex off this playlist it’s be a downright crime.  This song is one of my favorites from when little Sonny here was just starting out with this soon-to-be global phenomenon.  And it sounds just as great today as it did when I was a wee freshman learning to tolerate the taste of Natty Light.  So by that logic it should rightfully be named a classic at this point, and still well-worth including in any Halloween list.


Rage Valley – Knife Party

Now I tried to limit songs on this list to one per artist…..but I had to make an exception for Rob Swire, I simply just couldn’t say no.  So in comes Rage Valley to capture the spirit of Halloween in a college town….senseless drinking and noise!! This song comes off their second EP as Knife Party, somehow topping the legendary 100% No Modern Talking EP.  And this song in particular has always been a favorite of mine.  In fact, if you need more songs after this playlist you might as well just play everything that is Knife Party…


Death By Robot – Feed Me

Feed Me is generally hidden from public knowledge, but he definitely deserves to be noticed with his grooving yet heavy as fuck style.  This song is a perfect example of that, with the haunting robotic lyrics, combined with a heavy bassline riding on a groovy/funky drum beat.  I’m tapping my foot right now listening to this song and it’s making it very hard to finish this damn post, but I can’t help it, the song’s just too damn addictive and the drum just has me itching to drum out some beats.


Freak – Steve Aoki

The title of this song is pretty perfect for what I expect to see tonight, lots and lots of freaks getting freaky!!  As the last song in this playlist, it’s also a great clubbing song to get down n’ dirty with (I personally credit that to Diplo’s touch who always seems to find the perfect dance floor beats).  This song is actually still relatively new compared to the other songs on this playlist so if you haven’t heard it yet it’s definitely worth checking out.


Well that’s it for the Halloween playlist, check out these songs and more to help fuel your evening tonight! As for me, I’m well behind on my scheduled drinking time…I should be at LEAST 3 beers deep by now.  Shame on me. Shame. On. Me.  Until next time Ladies and Gents!!

btw if you wanna download soundcloud songs, use this site right hurrr

-DJ ffeJ

Freaky Friday: Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

Sorry about missing my TBT post yesterday, I was busy rounding up an endless number of kegs so I could watch Virginia Tech’s football team get throttled by Miami (as a VTech student it was quite depressing to say the least).  Anyway, I’m back now with a post for what will be Freaky Friday!!  Freaky Friday’s are going to be used for me to talk about a song that’s sure to get you through the weekend, and for this Friday I’ve chosen to go with Galantis’ newest single, “Runaway (U & I)”.

Galantis has been on the rise in recent months with singles like “Runaway” and “You” so I decided to dig a little deeper on who exactly they are.  Galantis is comprised of two guys by the names of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw.  Christian Karlsson is a producer out of Sweden who’s been in the game for a long time, doing productions for names such as Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry.  And Linus Eklöw, who goes by the artist name Style of Eye, has had a similar career working with Usher, Swedish House Mafia, Kylie Minogue, Zedd, and Lily Allen.  So these two guys getting together, with the productions they have under their belt so far, are sure to blow things up in the coming years and I can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.

Now as for the song itself, Runaway has a very uplifting vibe to it, and I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Take one listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The piano chords that make up the essential melody are absolutely addictive and once the bass hits they only get better.  The lyrics as well, I’m not sure who did the lyrics (or if their the same person for the verses as well as the chorus) but they fit the melody perfectly.  After listening you’ll be humming the words “You and I” in your head for the rest of the day, mark my words.  The song has already received big acknowledgment from the festival community, being played in almost every big name act over the past few weeks, and I’m sure that trend will continue for quite a while….or at least until Galantis inevitably tops this with their next hit.

As far as downloading goes, I’ve found none.  But you can check out the soundcloud below (and maybe, or maybe not use a soundcloud .mp3 converter) or stream the song on Google Music and Spotify.  Now with that, it’s time to celebrate the god damn weekend by sticking my face into a 30-rack of deliciously satisfying pilsner glory.  If I’m not back with a post on Calvin Harris’ newest album on Monday then it’s probably a good bet that I’ve been pronounced dead due to a failed liver…..or ebola, whichever one takes me first.

-DJ ffeJ

Throwback Thursday: AC/DC – Safe In New York City

Pretty excited for EofC’s first installation of Throwback Thursday. With this being DJ Ffej’s idea, he’s a little disappointed he couldn’t get the first post (he’s currently at the Virginia Tech game). In other news, I’m glad AC/DC has the honor of being out first TBT post.

AC/DC is the quintessential example of Hard Rock and Pre-Power Metal. These Australian he-devils have countless songs that hold personal meaning to myself, in addition to being recognized as enshrined classic rock hits.  Sadly, on February 19, 1980, the world lost the iconic and powerful shrills of lead singer Bon Scott to one night of binge drinking. Contextually, Bon’s death separates the band’s music into AC/DC and Post-Bon AC/DC. While much of Post-Bon AC/DC music continued to hold the same rudeboy values and authentic sounds, no man can really replace Bon Scott’s Voice.

Although AC/DC pulled together after the death of Bon Scott and appointed Englishmen, Brian Johnson, as the band’s new lead singer that same year. Since then, Brian Johnson and AC/DC have continued their success in rock and roll, releasing timeless albums such as Back In BlackFor Those About To Rock We Salute YouWho Made Who, The Razor’s Edge, and Stiff Upper Lip

Specifically I chose the song “Safe In New York City” off the 2000 album Stiff Upper Lip because it’s most similar to band’s earliest work with Bon. Despite Bon being irreplaceable, I greatly admire and respect Brian Johnson’s ability to create his persona within the band, while still keeping the band’s shrieking and shrilling intact. More of deep cut than a super hit, Safe In New York City contains the catchy, repetitive chorus that’s supported by the strong, bluesy guitar riffs. The complementing drums and bass culminate to produce an original, steady rhythm that highlights Johnson’s raspy voice. In true AC/DC fashion, Safe In New York City is another easy jam to bob to, while easing into the droning, repetitive lyrics. Another classic that makes me thankful for the band and my habitual Youtubing of Angus Young going nuts in his school boy uniform. Long Live AC/DC!

We still miss you Bon,

– Walker

BLVCK CEILING – Pillz Remix (Gucci Mane)

Really love this new Gucci Mane remix put out by BLVCK CEILING. With Halloween fast approaching, the Spokane-based filth creator again provides a quality Witch House track featuring Gucci himself. I think the implementation of BLVCK CEILING’s signature dark beats helps emphasize Gucci Mane’s lyrical genius…”Bitch I might be”. I suggest you check this remix out, as well as all of BLVCK CEILING’s tracks out on his Soundcloud and BandCamp account (provide below the Soundcloud track). Perfect for the plethora of upcoming Halloween soirees and extravaganzas!



Wumbo Wednesday: Kryder – Pyrmd

On Wumbo Wednesday’s I plan to put up a track that’s been blowing up my personal playlists recently.  Not a well known hit that everyone knows, but definitely not a song that should be overlooked….an underdog in the music scene if you will.  For this week that underdog is Kryder with his single from last year, “Pyrmd”.  Now Kryder may not be a familiar name with many people out there but I’ve been keeping an eye on this guy for quite a few years now ever since his breakout hit “K2” which I actually used in one of my first mashups.  Anyway, over the past year Kryder’s production value has been skyrocketing so I would definitely keep an eye on what he comes up with down the road.

Now for the song itself, Pyrmd is what I would label as a perfect song for a running playlist.  It’s groovy beat is consistent throughout the song, and the melody synths are almost Eric Prydz-esque, while a fatter synth comes in to give Kryder his own unique combination.  There are no lyrics to go along with the song if that’s somewhat of a deal breaker for you.  I honestly have no problem with it simply because everything else is enough to get me bumpin’ and zoned out in the middle of a 5+ mile run.  All in all this song is definitely worth checking out, and I know it’ll be part of my playlists for the foreseeable future.

Check out the link below to check it out on soundcloud, this song is also available on the usual music streaming sites. I’ll be back with some classic throwback thursday tomorrow!!

-DJ ffeJ

Iron Horse

Coming off a summer littered with Country and Country-Pop artists touring all around the east coast, it pains me to hear someone labeling country and bluegrass as the same genre. Here’s a quick guide

Contemporary Bluegrass is organic, fast-paced music played with fiddles, banjos, acoustic guitars, mandolins, and bass. My favorite active bluegrass band happens to be an extremely talented group named Iron Horse. The four band members use the mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo, and bass to emit the traditional bluegrass style. Although, the groups really breaks musical barriers by applying bluegrass characteristics to a wide array of other musical pieces. The band has beautifully covered famous musical artists ranging from Van Halen to The Shins.

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the group is currently composed of four members: Vance Henry (guitar), Ricky Rogers (bass), Anthony Richardson (banjo), and Tony Robertson (mandolin).

Iron Horse’s talent is undeniable, with perfect stacking of vocals that reflects the true bluegrass sound, as well as their poetic mastering of the frantic pace of acoustic instruments used within the genre. Although as you’ll soon find out, Iron Horse is like no other standard bluegrass groups. I love and respect the band’s individuality and refusal to stay within any particular music genre, constantly working to reinvent famous songs with a carefully tuned revival of bluegrass twist. There’s so much to say about this band, but listening to them is the best way to appreciate their sound. Here are three of my favorite Iron Horse covers!

– Wook

Cover of Modest Mouse – “Float On”

Cover of The Shins – “New Slang

Cover of Metallica – “Nothing Else Matters”

Trending Tuesday: TJR – Ass Hypnotized ft. Dances With White Girls

For Trending Tuesday I plan on taking a song that’s been on the rise in the past couple weeks and giving it my brutally honest opinion.  This week I’ve chosen to use TJR’s new single, “Ass Hypnotized” which was released a little over two weeks ago and has now climbed to the #6 spot on Beatport’s top 10.  Now I’ve been a fan of TJR for a loooong time, he’s got a really groovy yet thumping style that gets every crowd at every show jumping like crazy.  He also doesn’t abide by the EDM standard nowadays which is “start with really synthy intro, build up to massive drop with same melody, insert spacey chorus, build up to massive drop with same melody, and repeat til the crowd pukes”, so you can see just why I’m a fan of the guy.

When this song starts off you begin to wonder whether he’s going for something different (god forbid), but by 0:40 it becomes apparent that he’s still the same ol’ thumpin’ TJR…but then the lyrics come in.  In all the singles I love out of TJR I noticed that he never incorporates lyrics.  Sure maybe there are usually two to three words for a chorus but nothing more than that.  But here we have someone by the name of “Dances With White Girls” (looked up his soundcloud and I’ve honestly got nothing on this guy besides this lone song) rattling of lines that bounce along with the song setting the pace well and leading up to the drop with absolute ease.  I have no idea who this guy is, but I will say that I want more of him and TJR in the same productions together because I’m immediately placing this at my #2 spot for TJR songs just behind “What’s Up Suckaz” because I just can’t give up that #1 spot so easily.

Now if you’re interested, I’ve found a download link for this song located below.  Also below is the youtube video if you’re too law abiding to break the rules a lil bit.  This song is also streaming on Google Music and Spotify for all you streamers out there.  Somehow I hope this song is already on a jukebox somewhere because I would go fucking nuts if I heard it downtown…..actually it’s probably better for my physical well-being if I never heard this song outside the safety of my own home.

-DJ ffeJ

Mint Monday: Calvin Harris – Outside ft. Ellie Goulding

For my first ‘Mint Monday’ post, where I hope to post a brand new release every week, what better way to start off than with the new single by Calvin Harris, “Outside”.  This is the 5th single release off an upcoming album by Harris titled “Motion” which is expected to hit shelves, and digital stores, on October 27th.  If you’re curious about the titles of the other singles, they are titled “Under Control”, “Summer”, “Blame”, and “Slow Acid”.
For the song itself, it features vocals by Ellie Goulding who we haven’t seen with Harris since “I Need Your Love”…..remember that song? You know, the one that the radio played for like a year straight? Great song till I had it rammed down my throat day in and day out.  So hopefully the same doesn’t happen this time around, but I doubt it….cause it’s pretty damn good and everything Harris touches seems to make its way to the radio nowadays.  As far as Harris’s style goes, this song feels a bit groovier in terms of the bass beat.  Definitely something I could see people bobbing their heads to while they do their best Ellie vocals in the morning shower.

As far as being able to download this hit I’m afraid Harris seems to be holding off on letting you do that until the official album release next week.  However I checked streaming apps like Google Music and Spotify and it appears it’s ready and available through those venues.  Hopefully that’ll be enough to hold you out till next week when an additional 10 new Calvin Harris songs are released.  Check out the youtube video below to take a listen to the song, and I’ll catch you bitches later!

-DJ ffeJ

Did Someone Say Party Metal?

Most Metalhead are quick to inform us that there’s quite a discrepancy about playing Metal songs during a friend’s house party. Okay, fair enough. We know not everybody wants to mosh next to the pong table, or headbang next to the sorority girls. Not everybody wants to hear “that angry music“, but instead, “something we can, like, dance and take shots to“. Fine. It is completely understandable that not every person appreciates metal, especially within particular social contexts.

On the flip side , these generalizations are probably a result of everybody at the party expecting you to put on Slipknot or something similar to this (and yes, Dimmu Borgir rules contrary to what anyone may think). False, metal is obviously a diverse and complex genre that can cater to most any listeners. Well I’m going to propose the a mixed genre of metal called PARTY METAL. That being said, here’s my short playlist to help introduce credibility to Party Metal, and to spark a new trend of parties that promote air-guitar shredding, shotgunningdancing your pants off, and possibly breaking the nearest cheap furniture.

1.) Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard”

Recognized as the Godfather or Partying, Andrew W.K. represents all that is Party Metal. A simple yet infectiously catchy chorus that makes you want smash beer cans all over the place. Fun Fact: Andrew WK is also a motivational speaker and BRONY advocate. A classic that will always remain near and dear to my heart, Party Hard is fun and will always continue to inspire all party-goers to let loose.

2.) Diarrhea Planet – “Ghost With A Boner”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, that is their name. And yes, they do rule. Ghost With A Boner became a legendary song between our friend group due to its happy nature and quality instrumental performances. The song is an easy one to learn. The only lyrics are “Ghost with a boner“, “Drinkin’ my beer“, and “Drinkin’ my beer and getting drunk“. Cheers to this one. A real Classic!

3.) Municipal Waste – “Born To Party

You have to think that Waste struck inspiration from the great Andrew W.K. Falling under its original genre of Thrash Metal. Born to Party is an aggressive piece of Party Metal that features impressive drumming and speed strumming, as well as a fantasic chrous and well-chosen sounds effects. The Waste is great for really waking the party up and bringing it to the next level…which is usually mosh-puking.

4.) Psychostick – “Beer”

The contrast of this song is absolutely fantastic! The singers bring us a wonderful education of how beer can be the true foundation for happiness and partying. The breakdowns and heavy usage of the double bass make a perfect setting for slam-dunking a pong table, or forming a power puke circle with your best friends. For best results, keep this song on loop for twenty minutes. “BEER IS GOOD“.

5.) Dropkick Murphys – “Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight”

Traditionally it’s tough to classify the Dropkick Murphy’s as metal. Although they have created a surplus of songs that fall under the category of Party Metal that really amp everybody up. Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight is potentially a great way to reinforce the upcoming events in the night. Owning a fundamental quality of party metal, the song poses a simple chorus that we can all scream at once and patronize one another with our drink of choice.

BONUS: Andrew W.K. – “We Want Fun”

You all thought this was over, I know. Give the people what they want: “WE WANT TO HAVE FUN AND WE WANT TO GET WASTED“. Tell me the last time you heard truer lyrics? All right, the lyrics in the aforementioned songs don’t count. But seriously, if you get the chance to rip out whoever’s iPhone is connected to the speaker, remember that Party Metal is Metal that everybody can enjoy!

Special thanks to all my friends that have heard, helped me play, or blared these song with me in the past.

Party Hardy 

– Wook