Did Someone Say Party Metal?

Most Metalhead are quick to inform us that there’s quite a discrepancy about playing Metal songs during a friend’s house party. Okay, fair enough. We know not everybody wants to mosh next to the pong table, or headbang next to the sorority girls. Not everybody wants to hear “that angry music“, but instead, “something we can, like, dance and take shots to“. Fine. It is completely understandable that not every person appreciates metal, especially within particular social contexts.

On the flip side , these generalizations are probably a result of everybody at the party expecting you to put on Slipknot or something similar to this (and yes, Dimmu Borgir rules contrary to what anyone may think). False, metal is obviously a diverse and complex genre that can cater to most any listeners. Well I’m going to propose the a mixed genre of metal called PARTY METAL. That being said, here’s my short playlist to help introduce credibility to Party Metal, and to spark a new trend of parties that promote air-guitar shredding, shotgunningdancing your pants off, and possibly breaking the nearest cheap furniture.

1.) Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard”

Recognized as the Godfather or Partying, Andrew W.K. represents all that is Party Metal. A simple yet infectiously catchy chorus that makes you want smash beer cans all over the place. Fun Fact: Andrew WK is also a motivational speaker and BRONY advocate. A classic that will always remain near and dear to my heart, Party Hard is fun and will always continue to inspire all party-goers to let loose.

2.) Diarrhea Planet – “Ghost With A Boner”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, that is their name. And yes, they do rule. Ghost With A Boner became a legendary song between our friend group due to its happy nature and quality instrumental performances. The song is an easy one to learn. The only lyrics are “Ghost with a boner“, “Drinkin’ my beer“, and “Drinkin’ my beer and getting drunk“. Cheers to this one. A real Classic!

3.) Municipal Waste – “Born To Party

You have to think that Waste struck inspiration from the great Andrew W.K. Falling under its original genre of Thrash Metal. Born to Party is an aggressive piece of Party Metal that features impressive drumming and speed strumming, as well as a fantasic chrous and well-chosen sounds effects. The Waste is great for really waking the party up and bringing it to the next level…which is usually mosh-puking.

4.) Psychostick – “Beer”

The contrast of this song is absolutely fantastic! The singers bring us a wonderful education of how beer can be the true foundation for happiness and partying. The breakdowns and heavy usage of the double bass make a perfect setting for slam-dunking a pong table, or forming a power puke circle with your best friends. For best results, keep this song on loop for twenty minutes. “BEER IS GOOD“.

5.) Dropkick Murphys – “Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight”

Traditionally it’s tough to classify the Dropkick Murphy’s as metal. Although they have created a surplus of songs that fall under the category of Party Metal that really amp everybody up. Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight is potentially a great way to reinforce the upcoming events in the night. Owning a fundamental quality of party metal, the song poses a simple chorus that we can all scream at once and patronize one another with our drink of choice.

BONUS: Andrew W.K. – “We Want Fun”

You all thought this was over, I know. Give the people what they want: “WE WANT TO HAVE FUN AND WE WANT TO GET WASTED“. Tell me the last time you heard truer lyrics? All right, the lyrics in the aforementioned songs don’t count. But seriously, if you get the chance to rip out whoever’s iPhone is connected to the speaker, remember that Party Metal is Metal that everybody can enjoy!

Special thanks to all my friends that have heard, helped me play, or blared these song with me in the past.

Party Hardy 

– Wook


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