Mint Monday: Calvin Harris – Outside ft. Ellie Goulding

For my first ‘Mint Monday’ post, where I hope to post a brand new release every week, what better way to start off than with the new single by Calvin Harris, “Outside”.  This is the 5th single release off an upcoming album by Harris titled “Motion” which is expected to hit shelves, and digital stores, on October 27th.  If you’re curious about the titles of the other singles, they are titled “Under Control”, “Summer”, “Blame”, and “Slow Acid”.
For the song itself, it features vocals by Ellie Goulding who we haven’t seen with Harris since “I Need Your Love”…..remember that song? You know, the one that the radio played for like a year straight? Great song till I had it rammed down my throat day in and day out.  So hopefully the same doesn’t happen this time around, but I doubt it….cause it’s pretty damn good and everything Harris touches seems to make its way to the radio nowadays.  As far as Harris’s style goes, this song feels a bit groovier in terms of the bass beat.  Definitely something I could see people bobbing their heads to while they do their best Ellie vocals in the morning shower.

As far as being able to download this hit I’m afraid Harris seems to be holding off on letting you do that until the official album release next week.  However I checked streaming apps like Google Music and Spotify and it appears it’s ready and available through those venues.  Hopefully that’ll be enough to hold you out till next week when an additional 10 new Calvin Harris songs are released.  Check out the youtube video below to take a listen to the song, and I’ll catch you bitches later!

-DJ ffeJ


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