Iron Horse

Coming off a summer littered with Country and Country-Pop artists touring all around the east coast, it pains me to hear someone labeling country and bluegrass as the same genre. Here’s a quick guide

Contemporary Bluegrass is organic, fast-paced music played with fiddles, banjos, acoustic guitars, mandolins, and bass. My favorite active bluegrass band happens to be an extremely talented group named Iron Horse. The four band members use the mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo, and bass to emit the traditional bluegrass style. Although, the groups really breaks musical barriers by applying bluegrass characteristics to a wide array of other musical pieces. The band has beautifully covered famous musical artists ranging from Van Halen to The Shins.

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the group is currently composed of four members: Vance Henry (guitar), Ricky Rogers (bass), Anthony Richardson (banjo), and Tony Robertson (mandolin).

Iron Horse’s talent is undeniable, with perfect stacking of vocals that reflects the true bluegrass sound, as well as their poetic mastering of the frantic pace of acoustic instruments used within the genre. Although as you’ll soon find out, Iron Horse is like no other standard bluegrass groups. I love and respect the band’s individuality and refusal to stay within any particular music genre, constantly working to reinvent famous songs with a carefully tuned revival of bluegrass twist. There’s so much to say about this band, but listening to them is the best way to appreciate their sound. Here are three of my favorite Iron Horse covers!

– Wook

Cover of Modest Mouse – “Float On”

Cover of The Shins – “New Slang

Cover of Metallica – “Nothing Else Matters”


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