Trending Tuesday: TJR – Ass Hypnotized ft. Dances With White Girls

For Trending Tuesday I plan on taking a song that’s been on the rise in the past couple weeks and giving it my brutally honest opinion.  This week I’ve chosen to use TJR’s new single, “Ass Hypnotized” which was released a little over two weeks ago and has now climbed to the #6 spot on Beatport’s top 10.  Now I’ve been a fan of TJR for a loooong time, he’s got a really groovy yet thumping style that gets every crowd at every show jumping like crazy.  He also doesn’t abide by the EDM standard nowadays which is “start with really synthy intro, build up to massive drop with same melody, insert spacey chorus, build up to massive drop with same melody, and repeat til the crowd pukes”, so you can see just why I’m a fan of the guy.

When this song starts off you begin to wonder whether he’s going for something different (god forbid), but by 0:40 it becomes apparent that he’s still the same ol’ thumpin’ TJR…but then the lyrics come in.  In all the singles I love out of TJR I noticed that he never incorporates lyrics.  Sure maybe there are usually two to three words for a chorus but nothing more than that.  But here we have someone by the name of “Dances With White Girls” (looked up his soundcloud and I’ve honestly got nothing on this guy besides this lone song) rattling of lines that bounce along with the song setting the pace well and leading up to the drop with absolute ease.  I have no idea who this guy is, but I will say that I want more of him and TJR in the same productions together because I’m immediately placing this at my #2 spot for TJR songs just behind “What’s Up Suckaz” because I just can’t give up that #1 spot so easily.

Now if you’re interested, I’ve found a download link for this song located below.  Also below is the youtube video if you’re too law abiding to break the rules a lil bit.  This song is also streaming on Google Music and Spotify for all you streamers out there.  Somehow I hope this song is already on a jukebox somewhere because I would go fucking nuts if I heard it downtown…..actually it’s probably better for my physical well-being if I never heard this song outside the safety of my own home.

-DJ ffeJ


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