Wumbo Wednesday: Kryder – Pyrmd

On Wumbo Wednesday’s I plan to put up a track that’s been blowing up my personal playlists recently.  Not a well known hit that everyone knows, but definitely not a song that should be overlooked….an underdog in the music scene if you will.  For this week that underdog is Kryder with his single from last year, “Pyrmd”.  Now Kryder may not be a familiar name with many people out there but I’ve been keeping an eye on this guy for quite a few years now ever since his breakout hit “K2” which I actually used in one of my first mashups.  Anyway, over the past year Kryder’s production value has been skyrocketing so I would definitely keep an eye on what he comes up with down the road.

Now for the song itself, Pyrmd is what I would label as a perfect song for a running playlist.  It’s groovy beat is consistent throughout the song, and the melody synths are almost Eric Prydz-esque, while a fatter synth comes in to give Kryder his own unique combination.  There are no lyrics to go along with the song if that’s somewhat of a deal breaker for you.  I honestly have no problem with it simply because everything else is enough to get me bumpin’ and zoned out in the middle of a 5+ mile run.  All in all this song is definitely worth checking out, and I know it’ll be part of my playlists for the foreseeable future.

Check out the link below to check it out on soundcloud, this song is also available on the usual music streaming sites. I’ll be back with some classic throwback thursday tomorrow!!

-DJ ffeJ


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