Throwback Thursday: AC/DC – Safe In New York City

Pretty excited for EofC’s first installation of Throwback Thursday. With this being DJ Ffej’s idea, he’s a little disappointed he couldn’t get the first post (he’s currently at the Virginia Tech game). In other news, I’m glad AC/DC has the honor of being out first TBT post.

AC/DC is the quintessential example of Hard Rock and Pre-Power Metal. These Australian he-devils have countless songs that hold personal meaning to myself, in addition to being recognized as enshrined classic rock hits.  Sadly, on February 19, 1980, the world lost the iconic and powerful shrills of lead singer Bon Scott to one night of binge drinking. Contextually, Bon’s death separates the band’s music into AC/DC and Post-Bon AC/DC. While much of Post-Bon AC/DC music continued to hold the same rudeboy values and authentic sounds, no man can really replace Bon Scott’s Voice.

Although AC/DC pulled together after the death of Bon Scott and appointed Englishmen, Brian Johnson, as the band’s new lead singer that same year. Since then, Brian Johnson and AC/DC have continued their success in rock and roll, releasing timeless albums such as Back In BlackFor Those About To Rock We Salute YouWho Made Who, The Razor’s Edge, and Stiff Upper Lip

Specifically I chose the song “Safe In New York City” off the 2000 album Stiff Upper Lip because it’s most similar to band’s earliest work with Bon. Despite Bon being irreplaceable, I greatly admire and respect Brian Johnson’s ability to create his persona within the band, while still keeping the band’s shrieking and shrilling intact. More of deep cut than a super hit, Safe In New York City contains the catchy, repetitive chorus that’s supported by the strong, bluesy guitar riffs. The complementing drums and bass culminate to produce an original, steady rhythm that highlights Johnson’s raspy voice. In true AC/DC fashion, Safe In New York City is another easy jam to bob to, while easing into the droning, repetitive lyrics. Another classic that makes me thankful for the band and my habitual Youtubing of Angus Young going nuts in his school boy uniform. Long Live AC/DC!

We still miss you Bon,

– Walker


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