So I know I’ve been sucking with the whole posting game this week and I really have no excuse for it….but I’m about to make up for it with a whole 10 song Halloween Playlist that’s sure to get you raging!!!

Ghosts N’ Stuff Hard Intro – deadmau5

First up I obviously couldn’t start this off any other way than with my dude right here, and one of my favorite songs of all time.  And in this Hard Intro edit you’ll see just why it’s relevant.  Starting off with a ghoulish melody that you’ve surely heard before, you almost think it’s the wrong song.  But then in the blink of an eye the piano used for the ghoulish melody all of a sudden turns straight into the ever-familiar chords of Ghosts N’ Stuff….and then the bass hits.  Definitely the perfect intro to any Halloween Playlist.


Witchcraft – Pendulum


Next is another one of my personal favorites from Pendulum, with Witchcraft (I was happy the name was relevant enough to include here).  The start off seems sort of off putting and slow, like you’d expect more from the drum and bass band.  But then just at the 0:46 mark, this mother fucker explodes.  It’s like going from turtle to rabbit on the Hot Wheels Jeep you had when you were 5 years old, there’s just no other feeling like it.  I’d be lying if I said I never air-drummed to thi song in public like an idiot.


Power Glove – Knife Party


Again another one of my favorites (you’re seeing a trend here I know) and this one comes from Knife Party (aka Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen after Pendulum broke up).  The only memory I have of this song was from when I first heard it at Ultra…yeah here’s the video of that right here.

Now for the actual song, when it starts that chorus in the intro is simply haunting, like I could totally see Frankenstein being resurrected to this song if that ever were to become a thing.  And once that beat drops, I pretty much just start going fucking nuts (and by nuts I mean a vicious combination of chugging/fighting/screaming/and the like).


Stress – Justice


Not many people may be familiar with this song, but for me it’s one of my longtime favorites from Justice.  You may know them from the song D.A.N.C.E. or maybe even their critically acclaimed song Genesis.  This French duo used to kill it back in the day, hope to see more of them in the future but time will tell I guess.  Anyway this song, if I were to describe a relevant scenario, is like being in a chase scene….and you’re being chased by a swarm of Vultures….then all of a sudden you find yourself running through an army base on lockdown…and then the VULTURES COME BACK!!…..and then in the end you die….and they play that creepy organ crap at your funeral.  Great song, great song.

Robot Rock vs We Will Rock You – Daft Punk/Queen

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Coming off the soundtrack of the original DJ Hero (yes that was a game) this Daft Punk vs Queen mashup is simply perfect.  Whenever it comes on it always gets my blood pumping, in fact I’m usually disappointed when it’s the original Queen or Daft Punk song rather than this.  I’m guessing the original thought behind this was “hey they both have the word rock in it so this should work great” and usually in practice that’s terrible….except in this one rare ass case.  Anyway, check this shit out if you’ve never heard it and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Freaks Have More Fun – Dada Life


This one is actually a brand new release (or not actually officially released yet) song from some of the kings when it comes to going bananas (let’ be honest, they’re a close second to the bananas in pajamas).  Freaks Have More Fun is simply a ground thumper if I were ever to describe one.  The lyrics are simple, repetitive, and addictive.  They’re also perfect to embody the Halloween spirit at it’s best!! And then when that beat drops, you can guarantee the freaks out there will be having a ballin’ ass time.


Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex


The name of this song should be reason enough to include it on this list.  And also the fact that if I were to leave Skrillex off this playlist it’s be a downright crime.  This song is one of my favorites from when little Sonny here was just starting out with this soon-to-be global phenomenon.  And it sounds just as great today as it did when I was a wee freshman learning to tolerate the taste of Natty Light.  So by that logic it should rightfully be named a classic at this point, and still well-worth including in any Halloween list.


Rage Valley – Knife Party


Now I tried to limit songs on this list to one per artist…..but I had to make an exception for Rob Swire, I simply just couldn’t say no.  So in comes Rage Valley to capture the spirit of Halloween in a college town….senseless drinking and noise!! This song comes off their second EP as Knife Party, somehow topping the legendary 100% No Modern Talking EP.  And this song in particular has always been a favorite of mine.  In fact, if you need more songs after this playlist you might as well just play everything that is Knife Party…


Death By Robot – Feed Me

Feed Me is generally hidden from public knowledge, but he definitely deserves to be noticed with his grooving yet heavy as fuck style.  This song is a perfect example of that, with the haunting robotic lyrics, combined with a heavy bassline riding on a groovy/funky drum beat.  I’m tapping my foot right now listening to this song and it’s making it very hard to finish this damn post, but I can’t help it, the song’s just too damn addictive and the drum just has me itching to drum out some beats.


Freak – Steve Aoki

The title of this song is pretty perfect for what I expect to see tonight, lots and lots of freaks getting freaky!!  As the last song in this playlist, it’s also a great clubbing song to get down n’ dirty with (I personally credit that to Diplo’s touch who always seems to find the perfect dance floor beats).  This song is actually still relatively new compared to the other songs on this playlist so if you haven’t heard it yet it’s definitely worth checking out.


Well that’s it for the Halloween playlist, check out these songs and more to help fuel your evening tonight! As for me, I’m well behind on my scheduled drinking time…I should be at LEAST 3 beers deep by now.  Shame on me. Shame. On. Me.  Until next time Ladies and Gents!!

btw if you wanna download soundcloud songs, use this site right hurrr http://soundcloud-download.com/

-DJ ffeJ


Freaky Friday: Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

Sorry about missing my TBT post yesterday, I was busy rounding up an endless number of kegs so I could watch Virginia Tech’s football team get throttled by Miami (as a VTech student it was quite depressing to say the least).  Anyway, I’m back now with a post for what will be Freaky Friday!!  Freaky Friday’s are going to be used for me to talk about a song that’s sure to get you through the weekend, and for this Friday I’ve chosen to go with Galantis’ newest single, “Runaway (U & I)”.

Galantis has been on the rise in recent months with singles like “Runaway” and “You” so I decided to dig a little deeper on who exactly they are.  Galantis is comprised of two guys by the names of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw.  Christian Karlsson is a producer out of Sweden who’s been in the game for a long time, doing productions for names such as Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry.  And Linus Eklöw, who goes by the artist name Style of Eye, has had a similar career working with Usher, Swedish House Mafia, Kylie Minogue, Zedd, and Lily Allen.  So these two guys getting together, with the productions they have under their belt so far, are sure to blow things up in the coming years and I can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.

Now as for the song itself, Runaway has a very uplifting vibe to it, and I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Take one listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The piano chords that make up the essential melody are absolutely addictive and once the bass hits they only get better.  The lyrics as well, I’m not sure who did the lyrics (or if their the same person for the verses as well as the chorus) but they fit the melody perfectly.  After listening you’ll be humming the words “You and I” in your head for the rest of the day, mark my words.  The song has already received big acknowledgment from the festival community, being played in almost every big name act over the past few weeks, and I’m sure that trend will continue for quite a while….or at least until Galantis inevitably tops this with their next hit.

As far as downloading goes, I’ve found none.  But you can check out the soundcloud below (and maybe, or maybe not use a soundcloud .mp3 converter) or stream the song on Google Music and Spotify.  Now with that, it’s time to celebrate the god damn weekend by sticking my face into a 30-rack of deliciously satisfying pilsner glory.  If I’m not back with a post on Calvin Harris’ newest album on Monday then it’s probably a good bet that I’ve been pronounced dead due to a failed liver…..or ebola, whichever one takes me first.

-DJ ffeJ

Wumbo Wednesday: Kryder – Pyrmd

On Wumbo Wednesday’s I plan to put up a track that’s been blowing up my personal playlists recently.  Not a well known hit that everyone knows, but definitely not a song that should be overlooked….an underdog in the music scene if you will.  For this week that underdog is Kryder with his single from last year, “Pyrmd”.  Now Kryder may not be a familiar name with many people out there but I’ve been keeping an eye on this guy for quite a few years now ever since his breakout hit “K2” which I actually used in one of my first mashups.  Anyway, over the past year Kryder’s production value has been skyrocketing so I would definitely keep an eye on what he comes up with down the road.

Now for the song itself, Pyrmd is what I would label as a perfect song for a running playlist.  It’s groovy beat is consistent throughout the song, and the melody synths are almost Eric Prydz-esque, while a fatter synth comes in to give Kryder his own unique combination.  There are no lyrics to go along with the song if that’s somewhat of a deal breaker for you.  I honestly have no problem with it simply because everything else is enough to get me bumpin’ and zoned out in the middle of a 5+ mile run.  All in all this song is definitely worth checking out, and I know it’ll be part of my playlists for the foreseeable future.

Check out the link below to check it out on soundcloud, this song is also available on the usual music streaming sites. I’ll be back with some classic throwback thursday tomorrow!!

-DJ ffeJ

Trending Tuesday: TJR – Ass Hypnotized ft. Dances With White Girls

For Trending Tuesday I plan on taking a song that’s been on the rise in the past couple weeks and giving it my brutally honest opinion.  This week I’ve chosen to use TJR’s new single, “Ass Hypnotized” which was released a little over two weeks ago and has now climbed to the #6 spot on Beatport’s top 10.  Now I’ve been a fan of TJR for a loooong time, he’s got a really groovy yet thumping style that gets every crowd at every show jumping like crazy.  He also doesn’t abide by the EDM standard nowadays which is “start with really synthy intro, build up to massive drop with same melody, insert spacey chorus, build up to massive drop with same melody, and repeat til the crowd pukes”, so you can see just why I’m a fan of the guy.

When this song starts off you begin to wonder whether he’s going for something different (god forbid), but by 0:40 it becomes apparent that he’s still the same ol’ thumpin’ TJR…but then the lyrics come in.  In all the singles I love out of TJR I noticed that he never incorporates lyrics.  Sure maybe there are usually two to three words for a chorus but nothing more than that.  But here we have someone by the name of “Dances With White Girls” (looked up his soundcloud and I’ve honestly got nothing on this guy besides this lone song) rattling of lines that bounce along with the song setting the pace well and leading up to the drop with absolute ease.  I have no idea who this guy is, but I will say that I want more of him and TJR in the same productions together because I’m immediately placing this at my #2 spot for TJR songs just behind “What’s Up Suckaz” because I just can’t give up that #1 spot so easily.

Now if you’re interested, I’ve found a download link for this song located below.  Also below is the youtube video if you’re too law abiding to break the rules a lil bit.  This song is also streaming on Google Music and Spotify for all you streamers out there.  Somehow I hope this song is already on a jukebox somewhere because I would go fucking nuts if I heard it downtown…..actually it’s probably better for my physical well-being if I never heard this song outside the safety of my own home.


-DJ ffeJ

Mint Monday: Calvin Harris – Outside ft. Ellie Goulding

For my first ‘Mint Monday’ post, where I hope to post a brand new release every week, what better way to start off than with the new single by Calvin Harris, “Outside”.  This is the 5th single release off an upcoming album by Harris titled “Motion” which is expected to hit shelves, and digital stores, on October 27th.  If you’re curious about the titles of the other singles, they are titled “Under Control”, “Summer”, “Blame”, and “Slow Acid”.
For the song itself, it features vocals by Ellie Goulding who we haven’t seen with Harris since “I Need Your Love”…..remember that song? You know, the one that the radio played for like a year straight? Great song till I had it rammed down my throat day in and day out.  So hopefully the same doesn’t happen this time around, but I doubt it….cause it’s pretty damn good and everything Harris touches seems to make its way to the radio nowadays.  As far as Harris’s style goes, this song feels a bit groovier in terms of the bass beat.  Definitely something I could see people bobbing their heads to while they do their best Ellie vocals in the morning shower.

As far as being able to download this hit I’m afraid Harris seems to be holding off on letting you do that until the official album release next week.  However I checked streaming apps like Google Music and Spotify and it appears it’s ready and available through those venues.  Hopefully that’ll be enough to hold you out till next week when an additional 10 new Calvin Harris songs are released.  Check out the youtube video below to take a listen to the song, and I’ll catch you bitches later!

-DJ ffeJ

TBT: Morgan Page – The Longest Road (deadmau5 Remix)

For this Thursday’s throw back I’m taking it back to the grand ol’ year of 2008….holy shit that was a while ago.  Pretty sure that was the year I hosted my first house party and got fucked up playing ‘destroy your liver’…great game btw.  But I digress.  This was one of the songs that first got me hooked onto deadmau5’s style, making such a simple melody carry throughout the course of an entire song.  The vocals only help to blend everything together and Lissie’s voice is unbelievably soothing.  And the title of this song could not be more fitting, whenever I’m on a long car ride and this song comes on, I can’t help but start bobbing my head for 7 minutes straight.  So if you haven’t already, I highly recommend picking up this old but not outdated gem and add it to your driving playlist.  You can find a download link below, enjoy bitches!

Morgan Page – The Longest Road (deadmau5 Remix)

-DJ ffeJ

Tiësto – Club Life Vol. 3: Stockholm


I know this post is pretty delayed (like a month to be exact) but I’ve been doing a pretty shitty job slacking off and haven’t gotten a chance to really go in depth with this album yet.  Nonetheless I still wanted to get a post in on this just so I could talk about what I thought about each track and the album itself.  As a whole, this album delivers just like the past 2 Club Life Albums; combining songs that have already been out for a while with new hits that are sure to be played at all the big festivals.  But before I give my final thoughts, let’s look at each individual track.

Paradise – Tiesto & Dyro

I’ve mentioned before that everything Dyro has been touching over the past 6 months has turned to pure fucking gold.  Well this is no god damn exception.  This might just be my favorite track in the whole album, if not certainly top 3.  With a hard hitting bass and a melody that just finds its way into your head, you can guarantee your gonna be hearing this one blaring from my speakers for the next couple of months.

Take Me – Tiesto ft. Kyler England

Now this song was released as a sort of promo for the new Club Life album so I’ve already been exposed to it for a few months.  That being said, this song is still amazing (you’ll probably hear me say that about a lot of the songs actually).  I especially love the way the vocals mesh with the keystrokes when it’s just her and the piano goin’ at it.  And then when the beat drops I can’t help but absolutely lose it.

Compromise – Baggi Begovic ft. Tab

Now I don’t know about you, but I had never heard of Baggi Begovic before this album.  God damn am I glad he’s been brought to my attention because this song has a great anthem feel to it.  There are points when it’s just floating along with the lyrics so slowly, and then before you know it the melody kicks in and your feet leave the ground.

Apollo (Hardwell’s Club Life Edit) – Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd

This song has been an anthem that I heard frequently when I was at UMF back in March.  It’s a great song, but it’s just been out for so long at this point that I remember listening to it a year ago before Hardwell had vocals to put in.  But yeah great song doh.

Love and Run – Tiesto, Mark Alston, Baggi Begovic, & Jason Taylor ft. Teddy Geiger

There are so many god damn names associated with this song that I honestly couldn’t tell you who the fuck did what.  But what I can say is that this massive group of artists put together my FAVORITE TRACK OF THE ALBUM.  That’s right, if i had to pick one of these to play in my head for the rest of my life it would DEFINITELY be this one.  It’s just perfect in the way everything is built up throughout the song I just can’t get enough of it.  And the way the vocals are filtered blows my fucking mind. 5 stars boys.

Clarity (Tiesto Remix) – Zedd ft. Foxes

Here’s another song that’s been around for a good while.  The original: great.  The remix: great.  Both are worth a listen, if you haven’t heard either of them by now then you must be living under a rock.

Sweet Nothing (Tiesto and Ken Loi Re-Remix) – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch

This is a re-remix?  Was this totally necessary?  Alright well anyway this re-remix takes the song to the levels of insanity it never dreamed of.  You probably heard the original remix all over the radio, and at first this sounds just like that.  But when you get to the drop it almost sounds like Florence is having a seizure on stage and all the equipment proceeds to malfunction and blow up all around her…yeah this re-remix is that fucking insane, in a good way though.  Check it out, you’ll totally understand what I’m getting at….I hope.

I Love It (Tiesto’s Club Life Remix) – Icona Pop

Remember that whole Icona Pop phase we had in the spring?  Yeah I was getting kind of sick of it too.  But this remix has found a way for me to get hooked again.  It’s not really anything like the original except for the vocals obviously, which I think is terrific.  He really manages to deliver a hard hitting remix while retaining the spirit and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude of the original.

Carried Away (Tiesto Remix) – Passion Pit

*See above for the comment about Clarity by Zedd.  Same concept applies here.

Champs – Moguai

I’ve been a big Moguai fan for a number of years now, my favorite being his remix of Fatboy Slim’s Ya Mama (seriously if you have the time look into that one you will NOT regret it) but this song seems to stray away from his typical style.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way vocals are/aren’t incorporated into the song.  I just can’t put my finger about what I find different about this style.  It’s definitely one of the bigger songs on this album so make sure to give it a look-see for sure.

If I Lose Myself – Alesso vs. OneRepublic

The fact that I’m commending a OneRepublic song really grinds my gears.  My 10 year old sister has posters of these fucks all over her room and I just cannot stand them.  But god damnit Alesso why did you have to make them sound so amazing?!  This song’s been out for a while too, but it’s just so fucking good! Ugh I hate to say it but if you haven’t checked out this song then you need to, you regrettably need to…

Cango – Pelari

Another new artist to me that I’m happy was included in this album.  If you’re looking for the big house anthem of this album then look no farther.  I’ve just started getting into big house music with new stuff from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Knife Party opening my eyes to the whole scene.  This track is right up there with them and I’m really excited to see what else this genre has to offer.  Give it a good long listen if you’re willing to jump around your room like a complete moron (which is perfectly fine by me).

Century (Tiesto & Moska Remix) – Tiesto & Calvin Harris

I’m kind of on the fence about this song.  Mainly because Kaleidoscope was my first real EDM album that really pulled me into the scene and I distinctly remember Century being one of the key persuading factors for me.  But if I’m gonna be honest, Tiesto and Moska do a good honest job of capturing the spirit of the original, while at the same time making it feel much bigger if you get what I’m trying to say.

Shocker – Tiesto & DJ Punish

The fact that there’s a song called Shocker by a guy named DJ Punish sounds a little off to me…well anyway this song is one of the more electro fueled songs your going to find on this album.  It doesn’t really stick out to me too much compared to the others, maybe it’ll grow on me later in life but for now….meh?

Back To The Acid – Tiesto & MOTi

When I was listening to this song, the intro honestly had me really excited that this was going to be something amazing, but there came to be a point where the more I listened…the more it just didn’t make sense.  About two thirds of the song is spent on the intro and the buildup, only to end up with the same exact beat I was hearing in the intro which felt like I was being blue balled actually.  So that’s my general consensus for this song; blue balls.

United (Tiesto & Blasterjaxx Remix) – Tiesto, Quintino, & Alvaro

I’d like to say that Tiesto saved the best for last…I really would.  But this song is a remix of an already existing Tiesto song, and while it is entertaining and has a powerful bass, the lack of vocals or an inspired melody really leave me wanting more out of this.


So that’s my opinion on every track in the album.  In my opinion the album started off strong as ever with original works and collabs that will be a huge part of my daily commute over the next several months.  Towards the middle we got a look at some already existing works form the past that just fit with the Tiesto style and still have a lot of life left in them.  However the 4 tracks he chose to close the album with really left me wanting more out of this.  Granted as a whole the album is magnificent, but isolate those 4 songs out and I just can’t understand why he made the choices he did.  But regardless, get this album now it is well worth the investment.  Or you can look around for a torrent…I don’t care I’m not the god damn police what am I gonna be able to do about it.

Below you can find a minimix Tiesto prepared for the release of the album, it’s the best I could do for ya.



Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix) – ASTR


Now I’m not too familiar with The Chainsmokers but one things for sure, after this song got passed along to me I became an avid fan in ~2.5 seconds.  Their style is something that I find lacking in the EDM industry nowadays.  Instead of joining the crowd with all of this non-stop heavy bass drops and just pure madness, The Chainsmokers prefer to dial things back a bit and focus on a softly progressing melody similar to the early works of Kaskade and Deadmau5.  But somehow they find a way to add their own flare that separates them from this pack entirely.  But lets not get into their sense of humor.  To be honest if music doesn’t work out for these guys then they should seriously consider going after Jimmy Kimmel’s job.  For example, they describe this track as, “…like a stripper made of gold that stole your heart and actually gave you her real number.”  All kidding aside that’s a pretty spot on description of this song and I can’t come up with anything that could top that.  So with that check out the song below, but after that check out all their material on their soundcloud, you won’t regret it.

Bio:  The NYC Dj/Production Duo The Chainsmoker’s Drew and Alex have recently headlined Marquee Dayclub in Vegas and BangON music Festival. There last three remixes went #1 on HypeMachine and have some big plans for upcoming material. But most importantly coming up they have a very special show at Marquee in NYC their hometown on JUNE 29th, for which they prepared this special production edit for the night MARQUEE SUNRISE EDIT and tickets can be pre purchased here: Marquee NYC Pre Sale

Roar – Axwell & Sebastion Ingrosso


Welp, I didn’t think it was possible but somehow Pixar has fucking outdone themselves!! Less than a year after incorporating Skrillex into their 2012 hit ‘Wreck It Ralph’ Pixar is at it again, with the inclusion of Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso into their newest release ‘Monsters University’!!  This song is sure to turn some heads in the theaters and meanwhile I’m gonna be in the back row dancing my motherfucking ass off!!  ‘Roar’ has all the elements you would expect out of an SHM track yet somehow it feels like it has a groovier disco feel to it while maintaining the hard hitting bass we’ve come to expect from the duo.  I feel like this song is going to fit in extremely well with the film and it’s a huge step in solidifying EDM within the mainstream genre.  Check out the trailer for Monsters University below (in the last 10 seconds you’ll hear a preview of this song) and also a download link for this soon to be legendary song!!

01 Roar (Original Mix).mp3

The First Bass Is The Deepest (Dada Life Edit) – Anybody

So over the past couple of months there have been some remixes being released by Dada Life from an artist that goes by the name of “Anybody”. Not much is known about this guy and I can’t honestly find a thing out about him. But today, Dada Life began their own label titled “So Much Dada” and guess who the first artist on their label is? Yup, the mysterious “Anybody”. And now they have released their first single on the label which is an edit made by Dada Life. If you’re looking for a classic dada-track then you sure are in for a treat. Check out the preview below while I go try to find a download somewhere. Also look out for more info once I find out who the hell this “Anybody” guy is.


**Update: Managed to put together a download for you all.  Enjoy!

The First Bass Is The Deepest (Dada Life Edit) – Anybody